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All medical doctors bears Medical Certification in General practice with Czech Medical Chamber license for independent not-supervised working activity or with Certificate of professional qualification issued by Ministry of Health of the Czech republic.

One our doctors bears Medical Certification in Internal Medicine, one in Palliative Medicine, one in sport Medicine.

One our doctor passed the accredited course of occupational medicine, one passed the accredited course of tropical medicine.

One medical doctor is psychotherapist acknowledged by Hypnosis section of the Czech Psychoterapeutic and Psychiatric society.

One medical doctor passed the accredited course for substitution treatment of „hard“ drugs users, the accredited training of Duplex Doppler sonography of peripheral vessels, Echocardiography, invasive and noninvasive sonography of abdominal cavity, POC US, echocardioraphy, vascular sonographhy, Covid lung sonography in intensive and emergency medicine, Carotid duplex sonography, sonography of thyroid gland, arthrosonography.

One our medical doctor is senior assistant lecturer participating in teaching of medical students in the Department of Pharmacology, 1st Faculty od Medicine, Charles University, Prague.

All nurses bear Certificate of professional qualification for independent not-supervised working activity issued by Ministry of Health of the Czech republic.

Hodis s.r.o. is accredited by Ministry of Health Czech Republic for postgradual MD training for attestation exam in General Medicine from August 1, 2012. We are more accredited for basic stem of GP and internal med. practice teaching from 2018.

7 our GP fellows have passed GP attestation exam successfully without fail until now.

Minimum length of active leader medical practice of our doctors is 26 years, the longest being 56 years.

Medical Care

Our company runs three clinics with over than five thousand patients.

We offer occupational health care to 22 enterprises with more than 300 employees.

Our youngest patient is 17 years old. We care of more than 8 people exceeding the age of 85 years.

The Hodis Ltd. is registered by Prague City hall authorities also for Nurse-Home care offered only for direct cash payment for patients in Prague district since 2015.

Our first outpatient clinic was opened in 1992, the Hodis s.r.o. was founded during expansion in 2010.

We have contractual relationship to most of Czech Health insurance agencies: VZP, VoZP, OZP, ZP MVČR, ČPZP, Revírní bratrské zdr. poj, Pojištovny Škoda and commercial health insurance agencies VZP a.s. and Slavia pojišťovna a.s.


Hodis s.r.o.
Residence: V Pláni 55/36, Prague 4 - Lhotka, 142 00
: 24726931

CEO: Jiří Hodis, MD, PharmM, Ph.D.
E-mail: hodis@hodis.eu
Phone: 266 712 603